Someone once said: “Tax has no Morals.” This you will soon find to be true, as you begin to navigate between all the different types of taxes, deadlines, return forms, penalties and interests to be imposed. We have also found that for the average business person: “Tax is Tax is Tax” – and this can be very confusing as “Tax is not Tax is not Tax” – there are in fact, many different forms/types of Tax, and we are here to assist, guide and advise you about all of this.


Here are but a few of the many forms/types of Taxes that we will be able to assist you with, advising you of the legal requirements, and guiding you as to how and when to complete the required forms and pay the amounts due. If you so wish – we are even able to administer all these taxes on your behalf, ensuring that the necessary forms are completed correctly, and submitted to the authorities on/before the deadlines.

1. Value Added Tax (VAT)
2. Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
3. Skills Development Levies (SDL)
4. Provisional Income Tax for Individuals
5. Provisional Income Tax for Companies
6. Provisional Income Tax for Close Corporations
7. Provisional Income Tax for Trusts
8. Annual Tax Return for Individuals
9. Annual Tax Return for Companies
10. Annual Tax Return for Close Corporations
11. Annual Tax Return for Trusts
12. Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
13. Donations Tax
14. Secondary Tax on Companies (STC)
15. and many more…..