Registrations & Returns

This is something that no business, how small or how big, can go without. Your business might not be big enough to have to register for VAT, but it will be big enough to register for Workman’s Compensation – It might not be necessary to register for PAYE, but it might be necessary to register for UIF.

How do you know when to register for what?


Let us take the hassle out Registrations and advise you as to how, when and where to Register. Our services will also not end with advising you, but if you so wish – we will even be able to do it the Registration(s) on your behalf.

And when it comes to the keeping of all the records in order to render all those returns, as well as the actual rendering of all the monthly and annual returns and reconciliations – look no further: We are here to see to it all, allowing you to continue with what you are best at – marketing and selling your product/service, thus generating a profit.

Here is a few of the Registrations and Returns that might be applicable on your business:
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
Skills Development Levy (SDL)
Unemployment Fund (UIF)
Workman’s Compensation Fund (WCA)