We are a registered Accounting Firm, which means that we are able to attend to all your various needs, should you be a Sole Trader, a Close Corporation, a Company, or a Trust


Monthly Accounting:

You supply us with all your documentation – invoices, cheques, bank statements, petty cash, etc., and we will sort it, capture it on computer, file it and present you with monthly Income Statements. This will enable you to track regularly the performance of your business, seeing how your profits grow, and also be able to take action on areas where you might be over spending.

Annual Accounting:
If your business is very small and regular control is not required – you might select to have us only prepare your books of account once a year. This can be arranged at the most competitive rates – supplying you with the required Financial Statements to present to the South African Receiver of Revenue, your bank or your Board of Directors.

Financial Statements:
This is one of the most important documents any business might ever require. Be assured that we will tend to this with the efficiency and expertise that it deserves. We are always ensuring that we are at the head of new legislation – thus ensuring that your Financial Statements will adhere to all the requirements as set out from time to time.

Your Debtors are a very important part of your business, as when you’ve elected to sell on credit to anyone, it is of utmost importance that this person/business receive accurate and regular invoices and statement of account. Thus helping you to keep tract of money still due to you and also prompting your client to pay you timeously. We obviously can assist you with this – generating invoices (that will comply with the lasted legislation), mailing it, as well as the monthly statements of account, to your clients, while also supplying you with an accurate Age Analysis – thus assisting you in chasing those overdue accounts.

Just as important is your Creditors – we can help you keep tract of them, thus ensuring that you are not overcharged and also reminding you of when payments are due, so you will be able to make use of all discounts offered.